Komen Tyler Race for the Cure Saturday

TYLER (KYTX) - The 15th Annual Komen Tyler Race for the Cure kicks off Saturday morning.

One local breast cancer survivor says this event is especially important for her and her family this year.

"December 7th, I was told I had breast cancer."

It's a date 46-year-old Angie Luce says she will never forget.

"Went through Christmas, just trying to get through the holidays and make it special for my family."

Luce says she knew she had to fight through the cancer and put on a brave face for

her family.

"They saw me being strong. I was going to be strong for my girls, for my parents, for my grandson and my granddaughter."

Luce says what's important is doctors caught her cancer early.

"I have had year mammograms since an early, early age because of my background."

Luce has a family history of breast cancer. Her grandmother was a 24-year survivor. Her aunt was a five-year survivor, but eventually died after a long battle.

"She did pass away of breast cancer. She fought- fought hard." says Luce. 

"If it was going to happen to me, it was when. I've really always thought that because of my family history."

Which is why Luce says she began going in for mammograms in her early 30s. She credits those checkups for her early diagnosis.

"It saved my life."

Now, Luce is on the road to recovery.

"Had my double mastectomies January 18th. And, I just finished my reconstructive surgeries last week."

She says the support from her friends and family is what helped her through.

"I had to be strong for them to show them that I'm going to do this and I'm going to be a survivor."

And today, Luce is proud to say she's four months free of cancer. 

Now, she is just going in for three month follow-ups with her doctor. She says she's back to work and life is great. She's even found a new love in her life!



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