Labor Day earthquakes in Timpson have people talking about what caused them

Labor Day earthquakes in Timpson have people talking about what caused them

(KYTX) -There's a lot of speculation about what's causing them  in deep East Texas.
People in and around Timpson made it through two earthquakes in just two hours yesterday,
both about a four on the Richter scale.

CBS19's Field Sutton joins us from FM 1970 just outside Timpson tonight. Field both of those quakes started in that area. 

Justin and Gillian this is where it was centered and it's several miles north of where a lot of the other quakes have hit just south of Timpson and closer to Garrison.

Neighbors around here say they could feel the difference. They say it was very strong when it was shaking.

These were the tenth and eleventh quakes to hit in the deep East Texas area just since May of 2012 and even though they were among the strongest the good news is there was very little damage and no one was hurt. 


Right in the middle of labor day Rachel Reneau knew was something was wrong.

"The whole pond just kind of rippled." 

After that, her home security cameras caught the rest. While the family was playing football, the first earthquake shook this solid metal flagpole hard and it stopped everyone in their tracks.

"Because it is so awkward to have the whole ground move and when it stops you just want to stop and make sure everything's okay and everybody's okay."  

Then two hours later the second earthquake shook the house harder than the first one did.

 A camera watched as the entire porch shifted back and forth. When the Reneaus watched the video back, they were shocked at how short it seemed.

"It was so quick and we're like 'wait a minute, that couldn't have been it,'because experiencing it, it just felt like 'is it going to stop?' The ground's moving. Is it going to stop?"

"Only one call and that was it. And it was just to let us know we'd had an earthquake which we already knew."

Larry burns is the city's emergency coordinator and he says people just take the earthquakes in stride now.

"We don't have the seismometers that they have in California."  

More than a year after the first one, there's still no answer when it comes to why Timpson shakes.

Seismologists can't agree on whether these small earthquakes are building up to big one, or whether yesterday's may have been the last one.

   "That's what they told me last time and we've had three since then, since I was told it was all over with."  

Zina Wolf and her grandson, Tristan Franklin, say they hope it's all over.

Wolf and some of her neighbors are convinced the nearby saltwater injection sites, part of the Frackin process are to blame.

"Oh there's no doubt. I mean in East Texas? Really? It would be one thing if it was in California."  

Others say they're just not sure.

 "We've heard the theory of it's the oil companies.We've heard the theory of it's the end of times. There are a lot of theories out there."  

"Well in all likelihood the seismic activity is going to continue even if most people don't end up feeling it.

The city tells us nearly every day in August they had small earthquakes of magnitude 2 or less which is something that most people are not going to feel and those are likely to continue, maybe even on a daily basis.

The USGS says if you're inside during an earthquake avoid exterior walls, windows and objects than fall. Look for cover under a sturdy desk or table.

If you're outside avoid power lines, trees, cars and anything heavy that can fall or move.


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