Learn how to safely maneuver roads during flooding

TYLER (KYTX) - As the rain continues across East Texas, police are warning about the possibility of accidents and dangerous flash flooding.

Flash flooding is heavy rain that usually collects quickly in low lying areas.

It's trouble Lessie Rainey tries to avoid.

"Slowing down and staying focused is what I'm doing."

Tyler Police Officer Don Martin says there are a few flash flood areas in town, like at the bottom of Front Street and Glenwood.

"Anywhere where there's a big dip in the roadway where water gathers and it can't run off quickly. That's where our problem areas are."

Officer Martin says you should avoid those areas during heavy rains.

"If we do have any flash flooding. Don't drive your car in a heavily watered area. Because, if you flood out, then you're stuck, and we're going to have to come out and get you."

Officer Martin says if it looks like you're going to be driving down into some water, use your car's bumper as a gauge. Don't drive into the water if it looks higher than your bumper. It's a good idea to turn around and find an alternate route.

If you do get stuck, get out of your car.

"I wouldn't stay in the vehicle."

I'd get out as soon as possible.

Then call 9-1-1 for help.

They can send the fire department to pull it out.

"Avoid that. You don't have to drive in that."

But even driving on slick roads that aren't flooded requires a little extra precaution.

Officer Martin says accidents happen in rainy weather because people do two things:

"They're driving too fast for conditions. And, the second big one is they're following too close to the vehicle. And, they're not allowing themselves enough safe distance in order to stop in time."

"When it's raining, you have to slow it down."

Rainey says even when she's in a hurry, she makes it a point to be extra careful driving in the rain.

"The main thing i'm doing is staying focused on the road and keeping my eyes on whoever. You have to watch out for yourself as well as the other fellow."

Officer Martin says by making those kinds of safe driving decisions, you can avoid an accident or dangerous situation in the rain. @


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