Lemonade stands help raise money for park renovation

Lemonade stands help raise money for park renovation

TYLER (KYTX) - The renovation of Southside Park is getting closer and closer than less than six months more than half of the $700,000 needed has already been collected.

Now, community members are stepping up in an old-school way to help raise more money.

You are "mint" to be a part of the Southside Park renovation project -- that's what the minty treats project supporters are passing out say.

Amanda Storer is the community coordinator for the project. Since January, they've collected quite a bit of money.

"We are still looking for about $300,000; we needed $750,000," she said.

As they get closer to the goal, the community is stepping up with it's own fundraising idea: lemonade stands.

"Times have changed a little but we've got your bottled water and you an fill it with your pre-package lemonade," Storer said. 

Due to public health requirements, homemade lemonade wasn't allowed.

All together about 10 lemonade stands were set up around Tyler's Azalea District and the Hollytree subdivision.

"We've had people today, they don't even want lemonade, but they want to give us money cause they like the project, they like what we're doing," said volunteer Tristan Bennett.

The project's goal is to completely redo the current park, making it accessible and appealing.

"Yeah, I'll probably be the first one here," said volunteer Emily Dene. "Big kids they just have that excuse I'm too big for this, but now they don't have an excuse."

Bennett said after talking to people, he sees the renovation won't just be good news for kids.

"We had a man today who said, 'if this park becomes a reality, I'm in a wheelchair and have never been able to play with my kids on a playground. If this park becomes a reality, I'll be able to play with them for he first time,'" he said.

In addition to the money raised through Saturday's lemonade sales, Tyler business Rocket Fizz held a charity event Saturday night to raise even more money for the project.


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