LETU Holds Engineering Competition

LETU Holds Engineering Competition

Derek Hoyt is the captain of his team in the Annual Rube Goldberg competitions at Letourneau University.
   He says his team, and his competitors have spent weeks working. And long, sleepless nights getting things just right.
      "It's a lot of work, you can't underestimate it. We have had a lot of ups and downs" - Derek Hoyt, Junior Electrical Engineer Major
    The Rube Goldberg Competition challenges students to build the most elaborate, complicated machine their minds can come up with and have it perform a trivial task.
"The students take everything from Dryer Hoses, to Dominoes, to scrap metal... and turn it into a show for the entire University" - Kevin Boyce
   The machines built were intended to do various things. One is supposed to create an electrical spark -- another hits a space bar on a computer to play a song.
    Professor William Graff oversees the competition.
     He wants students to learn to be prepared and find solutions when things go wrong.
   "One thing it does is teach them Murphy's Law, if you have things that each one starts another thing, the probability that they work goes down to 0 pretty quick." - Professor Graff
"It taught me, that you just cannot guess how many things are going to go wrong" - Hoyt

Organizers hope these future engineers can apply this lesson and their new skills  in the real world.


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