Litter problem at Bullard Kids' Park


BULLARD (KYTX) - It's only been open a few months, but Bullard Mayor Pam Frederick says the city's new, state-of-the-art kids' park already has a litter problem.

The park already gets a ton of traffic from birthday parties, schools, and families looking to get their kids active and outdoors. This summer, it's going to be even busier. That's why the mayor wants everyone to do their part keeping it clean.

Take a glance around Bullard Kids' Park, and you may be able to spot plastic cups, candy wrappers bottle caps, and more...

"Unfortunately, we've seen things even such as cans and bottles. And, that is not only unsightly, it's also dangerous."

Bullard Mayor Pam Frederick says she just wants community members to take pride of ownership since they're the ones who built it.

"We're really excited that it's being so well used, but with a lot of people and a lot of traffic, sometimes comes a lot of trash."

Bullard mother Rachel Smith brings her children to play at the park. She wants it kept clean too.

"It's very important to the city and for our children here at the park to be able to come here and play, and not have to worry about trash and litter or glass. And, it keeps our city looking great."

Plus, Braxton Smith and Atley Jones say trash doesn't smell very nice.


But, there's a place for it.

"Trash can, trash can."

Mayor Frederick says one way they're trying to combat the trash problem is by adding in more trash cans. There's already two at the front entrance, but she says they simply fill up too quickly.

If two new trash cans don't fix the problem, Frederick says the city is going to have to enforce littering fines.

"We will. At this point, we would rather voluntary compliance. And, you know, voluntary help from our community and everybody doing their part in going above and beyond."

"Take the time, throw it in the trash, and then everything stays clean." says Rachel Smith. 

That's something community members of all ages can appreciate.

"Keep our city clean!"

Mayor Frederick says the two new trash cans the city ordered were actually paid for through donations. A family saw the need for more of them and wanted to help out.

Littering is against the law in Texas. You could be fined up to $500 if you're caught the first time. Fines can go as high as $2,000 and 180 days in jail.


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