Little known tool to choose the safest apartment

Little known tool to choose the safest apartment

TYLER (KYTX)-The end of a school year brings the search for new apartments for students and families.

There's a little known tool that can make your search a whole lot easier.

It's a tool on the Tyler Police Department's website and it doesn't only help the public, it helps the police department as well.

The Tyler Police Department keeps monthly statistics about how many times police are called to each apartment complex and for what.

"A lot of times you'll have parents wanted to put their kids in a complex while they go to college so this is an informative way for them to determine if this is a place I want to put my child," Officer Don Martin said.

But the tool is not only for the public, the police department uses it to see where they need to focus their efforts.

"last year we paid close attention to a couple complexes and gave them extra attention and tried to solve some of their problems and they did something as well," Martin said. "As a result of that we've seen a reduction in crime as well as how many times we've gone out there."

One of these complexes is Varsity Place near UT Tyler, a complex Kenneth Owens said he wouldn't have lived in if not for the changes.

"I definitely see a difference," Owens said. "When I was looking for places to live out here to go to school, this was one of the last places I was going to look. I started to see some changes and I haven't had any troubles since I came out here."

He says the complex evicted problem residents.

"Considering past references, I feel pretty safe considering the changes they've made to residents and it's alright," Owen said.

Though police and the complex say they have been making changes, the crime report unfortunately doesn't reflect that.

We reached out to the apartment complex but management did not wish to comment.

 The Longview Police Department does not have anything like this, but the Kilgore Police Department has a crime map where you can view reports for any address in town.


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