Local family sells everything to move to Uganda

Local family sells everything to move to Uganda

LINDALE (KYTX) - An East Texas family has sold everything and is moving to Africa for at least the next five years to help orphans living in a children's home.

For the Clark family, reading and learning is a priority, so it's no shock that we found them hanging out at the Lindale Public Library.  
They seem like a pretty typical family, but it's not every day you meet a family of seven that will sell everything they own to move to Africa. 
"We have friends who I've known since I was in 4th grade and they started an orphanage in the middle of Uganda," says dad Sean Clark.

Sean and his wife Jeri say they've always wanted to pick up and go help the children living in that orphanage. About a year ago, Jeri, who is a practicing midwife, took a two week medical mission trip to Uganda, and fell in love with the people there.  

"I think that was the last straw to say, 'I think we should go do this as a family,'" Sean says.

"I think this was what we were born to do," Jeri says with a smile. 

It wasn't hard to get the kids to agree to go! Zoe, Dora, Xander, Jax, and Liesel can't wait.  

"Here is where we'll be living. Around the Kampala area," Dora points out. She wants to be a midwife just like her mom.

"I think it's going to be really really exciting!," Xander says. "Because I'm going to a different country and I'll probably learn new things and a new language."

Jeri, of course, will be helping locals with healthcare, Sean will become an orphanage administrator, and the kids will help with all of it.  They'll help kids with education, and show them how to plant vegetables, and use solar energy. They'll even be home schooled along with the local children.  

"I'm so excited," says the oldest Clark child, Zoe. 

The focus now, is raising a whole lot of money for plane flights and setting up a new life in Africa. They need to raise $35,000. They know the goal is high, but if they work as a team, they could be living in Uganda by summertime, changing and saving dozens of lives.  

The Clarks have raised about $5,000 and have a whole lot more to go. Their church has organized a variety show this Friday to help the family fund raise.   The show, with all kinds of performances starts 7 p.m. at Tyler Christian Fellowship.

For more information on the trip and fundraiser, click on these links:


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