Local Hell House

By Lynne Sullivant

A local church sets up a haunted house with a divine twist.

It's called Hell House.  And it's anything but your typical haunted house.  Instead it's a depiction of sins committed every day, with a message of hope that God is always there.

We want to warn you, some of what you will see is inappropriate for children.

"Rome didn't fall in a day, and neither will America, but fall it will," said the voice of a "gray" preacher officiating over a gay marriage.

From the moment you walk into Hell House, there are scenes depicting sins that happen when no one is watching.

For instance, a scene of a violent home.  A girl cries as you heard her mother scream, "no, no, no," right before she was slapped across the face and screamed in pain.

"You wanted to see a haunted house, what do you think about the house that I haunt?" asked the "devil" in the scene.

For 17-year-old Laney Ayres she said the abortion scene really hits home.  "I need to stand up more for what I believe in," said Ayres "cause life isn't a joke. It's real and I need to realize that."

Hell House shows so-called "Christians" going to church, but not walking the walk.

A self- proclaimed member of Satan's army laughed at the scene and told participants, "they just listen, listen, listen but they don't actually do anything."

Then, there's a scene with a high school boy in a locker room.  He was upset, as he said through his tears, "I just gave up the game winning championship for everybody man."  And it showed him taking drastic measures because of the pressures in high school. 

As he held a gun to his mouth, those watching heard the Devil say, "you gotta do it Ross.  You said it earlier, tonight's the night."  Then, the gun went off as the kid laid motionless.

Producer, Caleb Hawley, said "we're here to show people there is a lot more going on then most people give credit.  We're just trying to show people there's hope, outside of drugs and alcohol and a lot of things people turn to for comfort."

And after they take you through hell, the church shows you that Christ gives you another option.

Participants saw Jesus on the cross as he cried out, "father please forgive them."

And Hawley said the church does it to directly impact people's lives for the better.  So far, the message has been a success.  "Right now we've had 86 people for the first time make the decision for Christ this year alone and it's only run four nights," said Hawley.

Hell House is run by Tyler Metro Church off Troup Highway.  It runs through Halloween, where they will stay open til the last person comes.

No one under 12 is allowed.



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