Local Korean War veteran pleased by support of Korean government

Local Korean War veteran pleased by support of Korean government

TYLER (KYTX)- As Korean War veteran Leo Glover sits with a book depicting the way South Korea looks now, he can't help but think back on the years he served there.

"During the Korean War I was a radio radar operator on a PBM 5A which is a navy sea plane and we checked shipping on the high seas coming out of China, we checked weather, all different things like that," Glover said.

Glover served in Korea for 5 years. He says people are finally interested in learning more about his war.

"I think that people today are realizing more so about the effect and the outcome of the Korean war and what it meant at that time," Glover said.

Glover says the people that really know what it meant are the Koreans, something he learned when he was invited to visit Korea by the government.

"They really are the people that appreciate it and that war is not a forgotten war anymore because the people in Korea will not let it be forgotten," Glover said.

The Republic of South Korea plans to honor Korean veterans with an Ambassador of Peace medal. 

Mike Beck is a veteran himself and works with vets of all ages. He says this medal means more than anyone can imagine.

"For the south korean government to come through now and say thank you, thank you for giving us what we have now, that is an amazing award and those guys deserve it because the conditions they fought in were just unreal," Beck said.

Glover says seeing how Korea has changed since the war confirms that the work he did was worth it.

"It gives us a good feeling of the fact that we were actually able to accomplish something there and the evidence of that accomplishment and the buildings and different things they have done there," Glover said.

Glover plans on sending his information in to the Korean government to add the peace medal to his collection.



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