Local stylist warns against dangerous hair coloring chemical

Local stylist warns against dangerous hair coloring chemical

TYLER (KYTX) - Chemicals you use in every day hair coloring products *could land you in the hospital. 

Local hairdressers and dermatologists are coming in contact with severe allergic reactions and they're asking you to pay close attention. 

The chemicals we're talking about are PPD and PPT. Some people will never be affected, but for those who are allergic and don't know it, these chemicals could be deadly..

That's why a stylist in Tyler is using this new product as an alternative. 

"My whole scalp turned into a blister and it just peeled. He said you can't do it anymore. Can't put it on your scalp. He said, it can kill you," says Tyler hairdresser Dianna Nassimbeni.

What her doctor told her not to use anymore, is a chemical in hair color called PPD. A similar one is PPT.  

"Those two ingredients are what help deposit the color on the hair. It's any color with pigment in it," she says.

They're in professional products, and hair color kits you buy at your grocery store. 

Nassimbeni's reaction was years ago, but it was only a couple months ago that a long time client experienced the same thing. 

"And I've used the same color in her hair for years!" Nassimbeni says. 

It was then she began to offer organic hair color without PPD. It's called Eco Color.

Many men and women don't know they're allergic and to what extent. Nassimbeni says there have been cases where the reaction is so bad, it swells airways, and causes death.

"I want people to know it is dangerous. That's why it's so important to do a patch test," she says.

A patch test is when stylists mix hair color with peroxide and dab a tiny amount on your arm or neck, to see if you're allergic. Nassimbeni says it's a step lots of stylists skip, but it can save a lot of people from a severe reaction to chemicals like PPD.

"A lot of hair dressers don't know about PPD," she says.

Nassimbeni has made it her mission to educate her community about PPD and find safer products.

If you get this type of reaction on your hands or scalp after coloring your hair, take it seriously. 
Go see a doctor immediately.

Make sure you ask your stylist to do a patch test before using hair color you've never used before. Let the stylist know about any pre-existing allergies or sensitivities. 

If you want to learn more about these PPD free organic products, you can call Dianna Nassimbeni at Salon Vintage and she will give you a free consultation. That number is (903) 534-3848. 


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