Angelina County Health Officials say precaution is best way to fight Zika

Yet another East Texan has contracted the Zika virus, this time in Angelina county.

Yet another East Texan has contracted the Zika virus, this time in Angelina county. The person was infected through sexual contact with a partner who had traveled to a Zika infected area. 
"We need to fear the mosquito more than we fear the Zika Virus," said Sharon Shaw, administrator at Angelina County-Cities Health. 
Shaw said East Texas is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry Zika. 
"We have the climate, we have the water, and we have the food source -- which is people," she said.  
Although Shaw said health officials don’t know if local mosquitoes are carrying the virus just yet. 
"We do not have the evidence that proves these mosquitoes are in our area," she said. "We do not do trapping in most of East Texas, so we don't know if we have these mosquitos."
The virus can be spread through mosquito bites, sex, or birth. 
So taking precautions in all of those areas is crucial, especially if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant in the near future. 
Here are some tips from health officials to protect you and your family:
  • Apply insect repellent with Deet. 
  • Wear long sleeves and loose fitting clothing that doesn't expose your skin. 
  • Use screens and close windows in your home. 
  • Remove any standing water
  • Protect yourself from Zika during sex if your partner has recently traveled to an area with Zika. 

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