Azleway Ranch in Big Sandy adds cottage for boys with substance abuse

A new cottage is opening at Azleway Ranch in Big Sandy for substance abuse treatment.

BIG SANDY - A new cottage is opening at Azleway Ranch in Big Sandy which will double the amount of boys receiving treatment for substance abuse. The one facility holds 16 boys between the ages of 13 and 17. The new cottage will hold the same amount.  
A ribbon cutting ceremony today made it official.
“I’ve been waiting a year for this,” said Executive Director of Azleway Gary Duke.
For low-income families and those without insurance, the cost is free. For all other families, there is a sliding fee scale. The tuition cost is determined by the household income.  
Boys with a wide variety of abuse addictions attend the program, but the most commonly abused drug is marijuana.
"Marijuana is probably the table salt of all drugs. Most kids who use other drugs will also use marijuana,” said Director of Substance Abuse Services at Azleway David Trest. “We have a large meth issue in East Texas. We still see cocaine. We see a lot of the over-the-counter medication." 
Trest said it can be difficult to identify a drug addiction because the majority of the kids he sees show no signs. 
"They'll do well in school and you'll think they are not involved with substances," he said.  
If you have any questions on how to enroll your sons in the program, you can visit Azleway Substance Abuse Program website.
The new cottage will be open and full-functioning at the end of the month.

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