Centers for Disease Control finds nasal flu vaccine ineffective

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is withdrawing its recommendation of the nasal flu vaccine this year.

The Centers for Disease Control is withdrawing it's recommendation of the nasal flu vaccine this year. 
The move follows new data that suggests the spray is not effective against several of the more dangerous strains of influenza. 
That's why Pharmacist David Davis is telling East Texas families to get the flu shot over the "ouchless" nasal spray.
"A minor amount of pain is nothing compared to what they would go through if they developed the flu," 
According to Davis, "the shot itself was effective 83% of the time last year" as opposed to the flu spray which was "only effective about 3% of the time."
That's because, Davis says, of the body's tendency to build up resistance to the nasal spray. 
"It developed immunities in the nasal cavity and then in turn flowed back into the blood stream," Davis said.
The CDC does not recommend the nasal flu vaccine for children or adults .

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