Fit City Success: Stacey Lujan takes nutrition challenge; loses weight

TYLER (KYTX) - Growing up, Stacey Lujan didn't really struggle with her weight, but after 3 children and a big move, her weight started creeping up on her.

"I moved here in '03 and upon moving here that was sort of a sad move for me.  I hate to say that, but it was," says Stacey Lujan.

Stacey Lujan says she felt depressed, leaving music and Nashville behind.  "I just felt like I didn't know anybody, I didn't know where to turn, so I turned to food."

Stacey found herself pushing 170 pounds and pushing unhealthy habits.  "The pastas and the breads, the sodas. I was a habitual Mountain Dew drinker."

Then in April of this year, she decided to take the Herbalife challenge-- that includes food replacements, like shakes and supplements and she started training at XTC fitness.

"Within in my first week I noticed inches lost.  Second week, I noticed pounds lost and within my third week, there were more inches and pounds lost.  By the time I reached my 60 day challenge, I had lost 25 pounds," says Stacey. 

The training she likes best-- boot camp style.  She likes the sweat and the energy she feels when the workout is over.

"With my husband being a firefighter, he helped guide and help me through a lot of the exercises I was not familiar with myself."

Now she feels comfortable at the gym.  "The strength has definitely made me more confident," says Stacey. And more comfortable in her own shoes.

Stacey says her strength training is also helping the severe osteoarthritis she suffers from in her hip.  Now she suffers less joint pain and is hoping to put a hip replacement off for many years to come.

Stacey says she also relied on a mentor to help motivate her, which helped her stay on track.


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