It's Time Texas: 90 year old Tyler man still swimming at YMCA

(KYTX) TYLER - Bob Filemyr starts each weekday morning with a dip. "I come always at the same time.  It's usually I am here about 8 o'clock," says Bob Filemyr.

You wouldn't know it by looking at him or talking to him, but Bob just celebrated a monumental birthday.  "I am 90 years old and everybody says you look 70.  I thank them for that."

He says swimming keeps him young.  "I have a doctor who says-- 'How do you stay so young,'  I swim, I just like to swim."

Four days a week without fail, you will find Bob swimming a half mile at the pool.  One day a week he challenges himself to do the full mile, that's 36 laps across this pool.

"When I swim the mile and I get finished and I stand up in the water, I am not puffing."

Bob says even when he was in the Air Force in New Guinea, he tried to swim.  "I was swimming one day when he was in the ocean and I saw a little fin go across.  No that's not for me. I quit swimming," says Bob.

Eventually he returned to swimming, because to Bob, it's the best exercise for seniors.

Research supports that-- adults who swim are healthier and happier than people who live a sedentary lifestyle.  You can also gain mental and physical benefits from regular swimming as a senior. 

"I'll swim til I die," says Bob.  So, Bob won't be retiring his goggles any time soon.


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