It's Time Texas: Smith Co. weight loss challenge successful

(KYTX) Tyler - More and more companies, cities and counties are supporting their employee's efforts to lose weight.  Smith County is wrapping up an 8 week weight loss challenge with it's employees.

In our It's Time Texas report, how the county tracked their progress to help workers reach their fitness goals.

Every Friday, for the last two months, some Smith County employees have kept a special date with a scale.  The weekly weigh-ins helped the county track the progress of more than 80 employees.  About 10% of Smith County's workforce signed up for better health.

"Starting this challenge was really important to Smith County, because health and fitness is a big priority and we want to encourage all of our employees to be healthier and fitter and encourage a more healthy lifestyle among our employees both physically and mentally," says Adrienne Graham-Hampton, Smith County PR Liaison.

"It's intimidating," says Bonnie Maxfield.  "It almost kept me from doing it, but it was good because you have to account for what you do."

Bonnie Maxfield says the weekly weigh-ins were a good motivator.  Along with the prize money up for grabs, which was 100% donated.

"What really helped me was an app on my phone called, Fat Secret, and it's a free app.  It helps me to count my calories and everything," says Maxfield.

Arvilla Banks joined the challenge to help lower her weight and her blood pressure and found a new love in Zumba!

"It's fun and exciting. I have built up my stamina, so I am just really excited," says Arvilla.

The scale doesn't lie.  Arvilla banks is now 7 pounds lighter.  "Look, I'm eating boiled and broiled food instead of fried food.  That was a major change, no soda water, got that out and I don't even have the craving.

It's amazing what a scale, a little competition and supportive co-workers can do in just 8 short weeks.

On Friday, Smith County will hand out the awards for the biggest losers in the competition. They're hoping to have lost the weight of a couple of employees.  It looks like they're on track with almost 270, so far.


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