Kilgore pregnant woman still missing with due date looming

Continuing Coverage: Sheryia Grant still missing.

KILGORE - There is still no sign of a pregnant Kilgore woman whose due date is Friday. She has been missing for nearly a month, and as Friday approaches, her family is still waiting for answers.
Sheryia Grant had been posting on Facebook almost every single day throughout the summer as she was excited about the upcoming birth of her first-born baby. On August 20, her posts suddenly stopped and the 20-year-old soon-to-be mother hasn't been seen or heard from since. 
Arnita Grant is Sheryia's grandmother and she said she wants to know where her granddaughter is no matter what.
"Please find her, that's all I want," Arnita Grant said. "All I want is her body. that's it. Please bring my granddaughter back to me."
Sheryia made her last Facebook post on Friday, August 19. She went missing the very next day. Her family created a search party and announced a $5,000 reward on August 30 for anyone who could lead them to her whereabouts.
On September 2, the Kilgore Police Department changed Sheryia's case from a missing person investigation to a criminal investigation. Five days later, Gregg County Crime Stoppers put up another $5,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest with this case.
Sheryia had also already picked out a name for her new baby girl -- Iyanna Ree Grant -- who is set to be born Friday, September 16. Sheryia's sister, Sheaira Grant, said frustration is also starting to build inside of her.
"I'm tired of seeing posters," Sheaira Grant said. "I'm tired of Facebook. I'm tired of text messages. I just want an ending and a conclusion to this whole situation."
Before Sheryia's mysterious disappearance, Kilgore investigators said calls and threats were made against her. However, they have remained tight-lipped about the nature of those threats and who made them. Sheryia's grandmother said they knew about it, too.
"You know who you are," Arnita Grant said. "You've been threatening her since she first got pregnant. You even threatened me."
In old posts on her Facebook page, Sheryia said she hoped her ex-boyfriend would die in his sleep and that he is not a father. CBS19 stopped by her ex-boyfriend's house, who Kilgore Police said investigators did question and release. Her ex-boyfriend did not answer the door, but his uncle said off camera that he hasn't seen him in more than a month.
"I just want my sister home," Sheaira Grant said. "I miss her. I just want peace."
Sheaira said her family will stick together until they can bring Sheryia home.
"Keeping in touch with each other by talking every day, being a family. It's for my sister that we've been strong."
Kilgore investigators said they currently have no suspects as the department was unable to provide an update on the investigation as of Thursday. Gregg County Crime Stoppers declined to comment on the case.

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