Missing Kilgore woman's home caught fire

Investigators are looking into how the missing woman, Sheryia Grant's home caught on fire.

KILGORE - A family already shattered and faced with more issues. Sheryia Grant, 20, has been missing for a month. She was due to have her baby on September 16. On September 19, her home mysteriously caught fire. Ray-Neshia Kervin, Grant's Aunt, was out of town when it happened. When she arrived back home, she found the house in shambles. However, one room received the least amount of damage. 

"Sheyria's room," Kervin said. "We can't save anything but it had to be God."

Everything Grant worked for, even her unborn child's clothes are gone. The Grant family tried to recover what they can but they said they can't help but feel angry. 

"On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm a 10," Kervin said. " I'm frustrated, very, I just wanna know where she at. That's all I wanna know." 
While losing belongings was hard enough, they said it doesn't even compare to the loss of their loved one who's been missing since August 20. 

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