Children Are A Gift: Asia

Children Are A Gift: Asia

 TYLER (KYTX) – Looking through rows of nail polish, Asia has a lot of choices at the Belladonna Day Spa in Tyler. It's her first trip to a spa for a day that's all about making her feel special.

"She hasn't gotten to be a child very much and was kind of in a parental role before being removed, so the more things she gets to do that are age appropriate are exciting for her," said Kim Rhodes with Child Protective Services.

Asia is a sweet young lady who is helpful and thoughtful of others. "And she's a lot of fun to be around," added Rhodes.

She is mature for her age and likes staying active. "I like to go places. I like to shop and do sports and I am tall."

Asia is athletic, standing about 5'9" and still growing. Her favorite sport is basketball and she's proud of her cheerleading skills.

"Last year we went to Six Flags in Dallas and we won first place for cheerleading," she said.

Asia had to switch to a new school last year. Starting over, both academically and socially, is never easy for foster children. "I miss my friends."

She's making the best of it and about to start 9th-grade. She hopes to go to college when she graduates. "I either want to be a teacher or a nurse."

After about five years in foster care, Asia has been let down a number of times including three different potential adoptive families that fell through.

"She's had several disappointments about things that were supposed to be permanent and for one reason or another just did not work out." Rhodes goes on to say, "I feel like she thinks no one is going to want her."

While Asia waits, she tries to be positive. "[I've learned] to not look back and stuff. I want a family that is forever and I will bring laughter [to the home.] I like to laugh," she said with a smile.

A pleasant teenager, with a loving heart. Rhodes said, "She's just a neat kid and she's grateful when people do things for your her."

To inquire about an East Texas foster child waiting to be adopted call 903-533-4242 or email


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