Children Are A Gift: Brianna, Timothy, Cheyenne, and Tyler

Children Are A Gift: Siblings hoping to stay together in forever family

(KYTX) - "I like to play with my brothers and sister," said 9-year-old Brianna, posing for pictures with her siblings.
All dressed in black and white to match, you couldn't help but smile watching them. They are beautiful children with brilliant blue eyes and personalities that will melt your heart.

"They are very loving and sweet and caring," said Emily Lipe, their Child Protective Services Case-worker.

Sadly, these siblings were removed from their home about two years ago.

"Foster care is not the ideal situation for any of these kids and they desperately want a permanent family," Lipe said.

Brianna is the big sister.

"I like burritos. My favorite color is blue and sometimes I write songs and sing," she said with a big grin.

She also enjoys dance, cheerleading, playing on the computer and she's doing well in the fourth grade.

"School teaches you things that you didn't know before — like math, grammar, spelling, reading and all the other subjects," she said.

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and she's already using the skills she's learning in the classroom.

She said confidently, "You know how teachers teach us; well we can teach other people, too."
Next is Timothy. He's a bright and happy 4-year-old who is very active and curious.

"He likes to rough-house with his siblings. He likes to play with cars and trucks and get dirty," explained Lipe.

Right now he attends Head Start and is doing well.

And right behind him is Cheyenne, an active 3-year-old. She likes to play dress-up and make lots of facial expressions, but is a little more reserved than her siblings.

"She likes to play by herself more than she likes to play with other kids, and she's working on sharing her toys, but she is sociable and does play well with other children," Lipe said.

And last is little 2-year-old Tyler. Although not too verbal at this point, he is usually very happy and likes to be right in the middle of everything.

"He's really active," Lipe said. "He likes to run and play and he also likes to play with cars and trucks."
These children are continuing to deal with their past while looking to the future for all it has to offer. It appears Brianna is relying on her faith.

"She wants a family for them that goes to church," Lipe said. "It's important to them."

But her biggest request is being with her brothers and sister.

"If we all got separate families, then how am I supposed to see them? I won't see them until I am 18," Brianna said, concerned.

Lipe said, "They all said that it's very important they stay together in a family. It's very important to them. They would bring a lot of happiness to a family!"

These four precious children are sure to be a gift to any family.

To learn more about these siblings, join Gillian Sheridan for her "Children are a Gift" report, Tuesday night on CBS 19 Ten @ 10. You can also find information on and To inquire about an East Texas child waiting to be adopted, call 903-533-4109.


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