Children Are A Gift: Nick and Erica

Children Are A Gift: Nick and Erica

TYLER (KYTX) – Getting to spend time together is always a treat for these siblings who are separated in different foster homes right now.

"They have a really close bond and they love it when they get to see each other and we just want to make it a more permanent thing for them," said Sara Boyd, their caseworker with Grace Manor in Tyler.

Staying together is important to Erica and Nichalas, or Nick as he prefers.

'Cause she's my sister," he said. I asked him if he would miss her. "Well not really. She would miss me," he adds with a big grin.

Nick is a happy boy with a good sense of humor and is always joking around.

Boyd said, 'He's a strong-willed child, but he's very sweet. Normal behavior for a boy nearing his teenage years, but he does well with redirection."

This 11-year-old is in the 6th-grade and does well in school. 'Math, reading and science are my favorite cause I'm good at them."

He wants an active family who will let him play sports. "I like to play football and baseball and basketball."

His sister, Erica, is also a joy to be around. "I love ice cream. Chocolate is my favorite," she said with a warm smile.

She's a beautiful little girl with a wonderful personality. "She's spunky and happy. She will just talk to you about anything. She's just a really happy little girl," said Boyd.

"Making friends is kind of easy because I have to be nice to them and I am nice," said Erica.

Like most 9-year-old girls she enjoys dressing-up and shopping. "I like to buy clothes and look at the shoes - mostly shoes!"

Erica does well in the 4th-grade, but is tired of switching schools. "I want to get adopted so I don't have to move from home to home in foster care."

She tells me she stays positive by following her faith. 'I got baptized and asked Jesus into my heart so I want a family who goes to church."

Both of these polite children are looking to their future.

'I want to be a Marine when I grow up," said Nick. Erica adds, "I sometimes like to draw because I want to be an artist when I get older.'

They are hoping for the support of a forever family to reach those dreams.

"I want a family who really loves me and will pay attention to me. I just really want them to love me for who I am," said Erica.

Boyd sums it up by saying, "They are two very sweet kids, needing a good home."

To inquire about an East Texas foster child waiting to be adopted call 903-533-4242 or email


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