Children are a Gift: Roger, Dale and Katelynn

This week's Children are a Gift is a precious trio.

TYLER - Typical siblings have disagreements from time to time, but through it all they love each other. That's the case for a group of three in foster care in East Texas.

Roger, Dale and Katelynn have been in foster care almost three years. They are split up right now in different foster homes, and they look forward to their monthly visits.

"All 3 kids have adapted to their current situation. They are doing well as long as they can continue to see one another," said Monica Cox with Child Protective Services.

Roger is the oldest and keeps a close eye on his younger siblings. This 13-year-old is laid back.

"I’m smart, funny, hungry. That's about the best way I cold sum myself up," shared Roger with a smile.

You will usually find Roger reading a book, and when he grows up he wants to share his knowledge with students.

"I want to be a college level history teacher. My fallback is a cook."

Next in line is Dale. He's twelve, makes friends easily, likes to be the center of attention and is very active.

"I like to play football, basketball. My favorite animal is a horse. My favorite color is blue," noted Dale.

His favorite place to be is outdoors.

"I like to explore and find bugs like lizards, caterpillars, worms, toads, bullfrogs and anything I find," acknowledge Dale happily.

Their sister, Katelynn, is 11-years-old. She’s independent and talkative. She also enjoys computers and music and is excited about just starting the 5th- grade.

"I get to read. I get to learn and I get to do math a lot," answered Katelynn.

Katelynn says the uncertainly that comes with foster care has been tough.

"I just like making friends. It's difficult when I don't have friends around me."

While each has their own unique personality, they thrive together. All three do well in school, like animals and enjoy adventure. And most of all, they miss being together.

Cox stated, "That's all they have right now is each other."

They hope to find a forever family who will give them lots of attention and let them grow up side by side.

Dale declared, "I want to find someone in the country who would adopt all three of us. Cause we like to run around and play a lot."

A simply request from three siblings who deserve to be loved, giving them a chance to reach their potential.

In order to adopt a child from foster care you must be licensed in the state of Texas as an adoptive parent. For more Information on how to get started please go to: or email You may also call 817-792-4409 or 817-792-4954.

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