Parents say suspension from drill team over Facebook post is unfair

Night spoiled for one drill team dancer after facebook post.

Friday is the start of football season in East Texas, an exciting start to the season for many players and students.

But the night is spoiled for one drill team dancer at Brownsboro ISD, after she was temporarily suspended over a Facebook post.

Something her father, Joey Taylor, said is unfair. “I wouldn't be standing in front of you if I didn't think it was unfair,” he said.

Gracie Taylor is a senior and has been on the team for three years. On Wednesday, she was called into the office and told she was off the drill team.

“I was devastated,” said Gracie. “Dance is my life.”

The post, which has now been deleted -- shows Gracie and a group of friends at a concert. One of the girls is holding what appears to be an alcoholic beverage. But Gracie said she wasn't drinking any alcohol at all.

According to the Golden Girls constitution, a member will be dismissed if they are seen (through social media or in person) smoking, or drinking alcohol.

But Taylor stands by his daughter, saying those rules are fine, but Gracie didn't do anything wrong.

“What if one of these girls was at Mercados or somewhere with their family and their daddies are drinking a beer or mom is having a glass of wine?” said Taylor. “If they post a picture of what they’re doing on Facebook are they going to get kicked off the drill team because of that?”

We reached out to Brownsboro ISD. They told us they could not discuss individual student discipline with us.

As for Gracie. She said she's disappointed she didn’t get to dance Friday night, but was still a good sport.

“I'm going to the game regardless of whether I get to perform to show the girls I love this team and that this is what I want to do,” she said.

The school has decided to allow Gracie back on the team once her probation period is over. 


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