Longview Car Vandalism

Longview Car Vandalism

Bobby Summerford lives here on Kingsbury Court in Longview, a neighborhood trying to get some peace after vandals played an expensive prank.

Summerford says the vandals cost him hundreds of dollars in damaged paint jobs to his two cars and he's already been hit several other times this year

"As I came out to church Sunday morning, the back of my truck was covered in eggs. So I told my wife I think we've been hit again. She went 'again?'." - Summerford

"Bobby Summerford says he was sick and tired of having his cars vandalized, so he installed these cameras, to keep watch while he isn't." - Kevin Boyce

A measure that may seem extreme for some but for Summerford, it's to protect the ones around him.

"If I have to spend a little extra money on security cameras to keep this neighborhood safe than that's what I'll do" - Summerford

The cameras paid off, Capturing video of 3 men jumping out of this car and egging half a dozen cars in the neighborhood including two of the Summerford's.

"To them destroying someone else's property doesn't mean anything. But I've worked hard for my things." - Summerford

Longview Police hope someone recognizes the people in the video and comes forward.

In the mean time, Summerford is preparing in case it happens again..

"We're gonna upgrade, and have cameras to where we can get better footage."


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