Longview carjacking suspect turns himself in

Longview carjacking victim: "I was terrified"

Longview Police tell CBS19 a suspect in a Monday carjacking and rash of auto thefts turned himself in to Gregg County authorities Tuesday night. 

The woman who fell victim to the carjacking shared her story with CBS 19 Tuesday afternoon. 

35-year-old Wesley Byron Smith is accused of stealing two trucks from a local used car dealership, wrecking them both during a very short period of time and then carjacking a 2012 Toyota Yaris with a license plate reading "CSL-8834" in the vicinity of H.G. Mosely Parkway and Cotton Street between 5:30pm and 6:00pm Monday.

Power crews spent most of the morning replacing the pole that Smyth is accused of crashing into with the first truck stolen from Quality Auto Sales on West Marshall Avenue.

Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian said after Smyth crashed the truck he'd stolen from the dealership he went back and stole a Hummer H2T. Then he literally drove one of the wheels right off it.

"There were a lot of people in that area, so it was very luck that the tire didn't come off and actually hit one of the people there," Brian said, adding that it was equally lucky the truck itself didn't careen into the baseball practice.

It did come dangerously close to the ball field where Loretta Bowie's grandson was practicing. She said she never even saw the man walking up from behind the car.

"He just said 'ma'am, get out the car' [and placed something hard against my head]," she said. "And I looked and that's all I could do."

Bowie got out, and the carjacker got away with her purse and wallet.

"One of the coaches got hurt real bad. They dragged him and broke his knee," she said.

"He jumped in the car, was trying to get him to stop and was dragged by the suspect 800 yards or so," Brian said.

Brian said the coach will be alright.

"I was very scared," Bowie said. "I was terrified."

Bowie said the only good thing is that her grandson didn't see something worse.

"After it happened, I said 'God, he could have, he could have killed me,'" she said. "You know? Could have killed me."

Smyth's mother works at Quality Auto Sales. She said the last 24 hours had been emotionally draining for her and that Smyth has gone through a lot of troubles recently--including what she called a "broken heart."

She said she hopes that he's able to turn things around.


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