Longview ISD mom worried about bullying

Longview ISD mom worried about bullying

A J.L. Everhart Elementary School mom is worried Longview Independent School District isn't doing enough to stop bullying.

On Friday Lisa Stephens said her son her son had been the victim of a 5-on-1 beating Wednesday. The district acknowledged that something happened on Wednesday but, citing state law, did not discuss specifics.

"My son told me that one boy even stepped on his stomach," Stephens said. She said her son and the other boys are all kindergartners. Stephens showed pictures of the marks on her son's body which stretch from his leg to what hospital workers called deep contusions on his head.

"There was one teacher with 40 children and at the time this started she was tending to another child on the playground," Stephens said.

Stephens' son is going to be fine. He was at school on Thursday and that's when his mom got upset.

"They were at school with my son the very next day," she said. "The same exact students who did this to him."

"All of the students were dealt with appropriately, and again, immediately," Longview ISD spokesperson Adam Holland said.

Holland said individual punishments are private, but the principal correctly followed district policies, which are based on state guidelines. He said the bottom line is the five students should have learned ganging up on their classmate was wrong.

"I can tell you that repeat offenders, punishment doesn't remain the same," Holland said.

Holland said Everhart's recess supervision policy has been modified to require two adults at all times. But knowing he now has to face his bullies again, Stephens is considering taking her son out of school.

"It could be my child or they could do it to another kid next time," she said.


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