Longview Man Brings Wooden Blocks to Life

Longview Man Brings Wooden Blocks to Life

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Hours turn into days, days turn into months. That's how much time Rusty Lee spends at this desk carving these life-like masterpieces.

"Anyone who does this kinda thing or any kind of artwork has to be a patient person."
He uses a toolbox full of drills, knives, and chisels. When he moved into Buckner Westminster he brought his 40 years worth of art with him.
"This place has been an open gallery"  
He focuses most of his talents on carving birds. The detail is incredible, from the real life sizes of each bird, to the environment around it. All carved out of these.
"Birds are very religious, they are common in the Bible. Noah's Arc, Elijah being fed by a raven, and then you have places in the Bible that talk about Eagles being the symbol of strength."
"Rusty spends countless hours here carving these, into something like this"
"You're going to mess up, and you're going to make mistakes. But once you keep at it you'll become perfect at it"
Rusty donates many of the birds to local churches, nursing homes, and schools. He says he will carve these birds until his hands can no longer move.
"it has always been a good thing to do with my spare time. I never wanted to make a living off it. It has always been a good thing to do with my spare time."



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