Longview Man Vows to Run Across Texas

Longview Man Plans to Run Across Texas

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - A man from Longview will be making a 762-mile journey across Texas. Oleus Lilly is lacing up and currently training to run across Texas. He will be running 26 miles a day for the entire month of October. Lilly will be teaming up with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness and raise money for the organization. He says in '07 he lost his grandmother to breast cancer and she is his inspiration.  

"She would always come to my house to visit and I would never be there. She said as much as I run, that I could run across Texas. So that planted the seed for the series of running across Texas." - Oleus Lilly, Runner

Last November, Lilly ran from Dallas to Longview and raised more than 800 dollars.  


PRESS RELEASE - Running a mile for the cause is an understatement in comparison to the 800 miles Oleus Lilly is training to run during the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From October 1 to October 31, Lilly will run a route that stretches from an Oncology Center in El Paso, Texas to the Texas Oncology Center in his hometown of Longview Texas. "Basically, I will have to run a marathon a day to meet my deadline of October 31st. Training for such a strenuous run has required a complete life change, one of which I've had four years to prepare for. In 2010, Lilly, a 34-years-old Longview native teamed up with his local American Cancer Society and organized Run Across Texas. From November to December, he literally ran from Ft. Worth, TX to Longview, TX; roughly 200 miles, over the course of 27 days, with a 40-pound pack on his back with supplies, food and a first aid kit, sleeping outside most nights. Sadly, Oleus only raised approximately $800, all proceeds benefitting the local Texas Oncology Center. His goal this year is $1500. Lilly lost his grandmother, "the rock of his family" to cancer in 2007. Prior to her death, she joked with Lilly  saying, "If you add up the miles you run each day, you could have ran across the state of Texas by now." Losing someone he loved so dearly was devastating to Lilly, and he decided to use his grandmother's light joke as a catalyst to inspire those battling cancer to keep fighting. After taking off four years to train and prepare financially for Run Across Texas 2.0, Lilly has once again partnered with Texas Oncology in Longview to turn his grandmother's light joke into a reality.


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