Longview mom takes bus bullying incident to school board

Longview (KYTX) - A woman is calling for the Longview Independent School District to change its discipline policy after her 7 year-old daughter was repeatedly physically bullied by two other children on the school bus on their ride home.

"They started calling me names and poking me with a pencil and flicking me in the head."

7 year old Ava Tackeet says she's been getting bullied on the bus since the beginning of the year.

"She just started crying and I said Ava, what happened what's going on mama they were stabbing in the back with pencils."

But her mother Kristy Trumble says after Ava showed up home from school with blisters and scratches on her back last week enough, was enough.

Within minutes Kristy called the school principal, bus barn workers, and the assistant superintendent.

"Anytime that it's physical violence of any type, the first thing that needs to happen is suspension."

But Kristy says the district has a 3 strike policy before students are suspended from coming to school, and the alleged bullies were back on the bus the next day. Kristy thinks they should have been suspended from the bus.

"This incident happened on the bus, so they needed to be punished from the bus."

A spokesman for L.I.S.D say the district's actions have always have been and always will be in the best interest of our students.

And that this was a case of poking not stabbing, but the students did receive in-school suspension.

Another policy Kristy Trumble would like to see put in place are mandatory bus monitors on every bus, because in her opinion, the bus driver can't drive the bus and watch the children.

"We've got to have some kind of control because if we don't it will get out of hand." L.I.S.D does have some volunteer bus monitors and Robbie Phelps is one of them ...

"We need to have more monitors..

"If your child is getting bullied, do something contact the school immediately so it can get stopped before it gets out of hand."

The Longview school board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month, so Ms. Trumble has already missed the school board meeting for the month of October.

But she tells me that she is doing paperwork and plans to be in attendance at the school board meeting for the month of November.


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