Longview police releases tips for safe, secure holiday shopping

Released by Longview Police Department

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - LPD hopes everyone has a safe Thanksgiving weekend. If you plan to get out and shop this weekend there are a few things we would like to remind you not to do.....

1. Don't advertise your purchases. Place items in the trunk of the car before going to your next location to shop. Thieves watch parking lots.

2. Don't carry large amounts of cash to flash. If you plan on using cash put it in several locations in your purse, wallets or pockets. Thieves can quickly reach into your purse or wallet and grab the cash and run.

3. Don't leave big tickets item boxes on the curb letting thieves know what new "item" you purchased. Tear the boxes up and put them in the trash can.

4. If you are going out of town, stop your mail and newspaper service. Have a neighbor come over and turn on lights throughout the time you will be gone, move your car around, and anything else that would give the appearance you are still home.

5. Don't advertise on social media sites you are gone by posting pictures, checking in at locations, etc. Wait until you get back to talk about what a great holiday trip you had.

and finally....

DO call the POLICE if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood. People are always telling the police after the fact they saw a suspicious vehicle or person. Be proactive and call when you see something out of the ordinary. Being proactive could save you and your neighbors a lot of holiday heartache.


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