Longview Symphony Orchestra Celebrates Mardi Gras

Complete with elegance, food, dancing, and music the Longview symphony orchestra unveiled it's new fundraising effort Saturday night.

150 people came in support of the symphony, supporters like Steve Halvorson who say it's worth the price of a ticket.

"We came out to have some fun and experience Mardi Gras. Has good food and a good band." - Halvorson

The money raised goes into supporting the numerous activities of the Longview Symphony orchestra throughout the year.

"Organizers say fundraisers like these are essential in making sure the symphony has a bright future." - Kevin Boyce

"It's essential to have funding because the cost of a ticket doesn't begin to cover the cost of a concert" - Longview Symphony Orchestra President, Lynette Goodson

Chichi Linn's kids are in the Longview Symphony Orchestra. She says supporting the music is important and has helped her children tremendously.

"It's enlightening, the kids love it, and everyone should learn the music" - Chichi Linn

In Longview, Gregg County, Kevin Boyce, KYTX CBS 19 News.


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