Longview Warns Residents about Bats

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Bats showing up in homes and business across Longview.
     Longview's Environmental Health Department received about 25 calls already this  month, from people hoping to get rid of bats. and since one bat tested positive for rabies inside this apartment complex, hidden hills off of Gilmer road, people are taking the sightings seriously.
   Ceaser Castillo says if a bat entered his Longview home, he'd worry about his grand kids.
   "Id be concerned about them being scratched and that might have rabies or some other disease" - Castillo
   The bat caught last week is the first animal since 2009 to test positive for rabies in Longview  and the first bat to test positive since 2007.
   Longview Environmental Health Department says most of its bat calls have came from downtown Longview.
    Environmental Health Supervisor Buck Farrar says  if you happen to find yourself in close proximity with a bat. It's best to leave.
    "Get outside of the house. Try not to come into contact with it, if you try to apprehend it... more often than not that's when you will get bit." - Farrar
   "The city says this time of year bat activity rises, giving you a greater chance of coming int contact" - Kevin Boyce
    "Keep your doors and windows locked, that is a frequent way they get in at night." - Farrar
    Farrar says his department has tested 15 bats so far this year, and the rabies case is an isolated incident but still wants the public to be weary.
   For Ceaser Castillo, that's a warning he will take.
   "I would trap it into a room, call animal control,  and go for a drive"- Farrar

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