Loop Project in Mount Pleasant

Loop Project in Mount Pleasant

Ann Noble has been running Antiques and Uniques for years in Mount Pleasant.

She says at least a fourth of her business comes from out of towners, who are just passing through.

She says even with the building of a loop, she says she isn't too worried.

"A lot of people will still come through town, because there are people that just like to see small towns. And those are the people that will stop and shop anyway" - Noble

But that may not be the case for all businesses.

TxDot says 14,000 vehicles pass through Mount Pleasant on Highway 271 daily.

But those numbers are expected to decrease after the completion of a new loop project by Titus County.

"The purpose of this project is to take traffic and move it around the city and reduce traffic" - Kevin

The loop project started in 2010 and is starting to take shape. The main portion of the loop will be a Highway 271 bi pass.  That will give the cars going through town a quicker option.

Titus County Judge Brian Lee says the 168 million dollar project will not only ease traffic, but make the town much safer.

"The feat is to direct traffic away from town. And with ever increasing 18 wheeler traffic it's becoming more important" - Lee, Titus County Judge

The cost is being paid by Titus County via bonds, that will be paid back by the state over 20 years.

For business owners like Ann, she says regardless of what happens -- it's her job as a business owner to attract business.

"It's up to us as merchants to make it worth their while to come down, and to advertise that will draw them off the road" - Nobles


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