Lucky dog twice escapes tragedy, but she and owner left without home

ADDISON (WFAA) - A fire destroyed her home and main source of transportation last week, but Yvette Childers says she still has her best friend. And it's all because of the quick thinking of some emergency workers in Addison.

"I watched and I thought, 'My God, she's inside,'" Yvette Childers said, recalling jumping from her recreation vehicle as it caught fire last Thursday.

Childers, 61, said she was heading to her job at the Magic Time Machine last week when motorists on Midway at Belt Line began yelling that fire was coming from her RV. Childers said she had no time to grab her little Chihuahua, named Pony, which was trapped in the smoke-filled rear cab.

"There is no greater hell than to watch all your stuff burn up, and know that the animal is inside," Childers said.

She said the fiery nightmare destroyed everything she owned, but that the frightening moments quickly turned into a miracle for her small dog as police and firemen rushed to the scene.

"The dog was lifeless," said Addison Fire Captain Scott Ledet. "It wasn't breathing, his eyes were fixed open, and I knew that if we didn't do something, the dog was going to perish."

Captain Ledet explained while one crew worked to put out the fire, another searched the RV for the pet. Ledet, who said he has performed hundreds of CPR calls, and revived three human beings, did something he has never done before.

"I just opened the dog's mouth, and pulled his tongue aside, and just started giving him mouth-to-mouth," Ledet said.

It took about twenty minutes of mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions to revive Pony.

Childers said it's not the first traumatic event the dog's survived. Pony was rescued after the West, Texas, explosion.

"To see the smile on Ms. Childers face - you know, whether she lost everything or not - the fact that we just made her happy, it's definitely worth it," Ledet said. "I would do it again and not think twice about it."

Unfortunately, the fire left Childers and her dog homeless. The two are temporarily staying at a motel, with the help of the American Red Cross.

"Because of them, you know, and I'm very, very grateful," Childers said.

Childers' friends have set up a Go Fund Me account to help her get back on her feet. Click here to see it and for details on how you can assist the woman.




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