Making the switch to LED

LED Lights

(KYTX) - Say goodbye to old-style incandescent light bulbs. They're being phased out and replaced by more energy and cost-efficient LED lights. That stands for light emitting diode.

Incandescent light bulbs will slowly start to disappear within the next decade. In fact, 100 watt incandescent bulbs can no longer even be manufactured in the United States. This year, the 75 watt bulbs are getting cut. Next year, the 40 and 60 watt bulbs won't be allowed for manufacture either.

Energy experts say if you haven't made the LED switch yet, you may soon be forced to, so you might as well get on board now.

"We have a finite amount of resources, so people are realizing we're going to have to do things different. This is a really easy thing to do that's very helpful."

Melissa Simon lives in a 4,500 square-foot home in Frankston with her family.

"I don't have an incandescent bulb or a compact fluorescent." she says.

From bathroom to countertop lighting, it's all LED.

"I would like to retire in this home. So, I don't want my bills to be such, when I don't really need a big house, I still want to be able to afford it."

Simon says cutting down on the amount of electricity she uses is going to help her do that.

"That's a bill that you're not having to worry about as you get older and as your income drops."

Sam Garrard with Texas Responsible Energy & Efficiency or "TREE" in Tyler says switching to LEDs can save people about 85% on lighting alone, and about 15% on their overall electricity bill.

"I mean, could you imagine the kind of savings you'd have if everybody had led bulbs. I mean, it would be dramatic."

Garrard says these bulbs also have longer lives. Some can last up to 20 years..

"They're low maintenance. And, it gives a really natural light."

And, many LEDs still have the incandescent look that people often prefer, like these, in Simon's bathroom.

"These have been on all morning. And, if you had an incandescent bulb, you would not be touching it." she says.

That's helpful for a busy mother of four trying to get ready in the morning.

"You're blow drying, you're curling iron, and you're just sweating your makeup off. Yeah, so these aren't putting off any heat." she says.

Simons says that's especially nice in the Summer when she's trying to keep her house cool.

"LED lighting, renewable energy, these types of things are easy to do. And, more importantly, they make financial sense."


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