Man describes attempted home invasion

Man describes attempted home invasion

ANGELINA COUNTY (KYTX) - At least four men, several with guns, are on the loose tonight in Angelina County.

The sheriffs office says the men were involved in an attempted home invasion Tuesday.

We spoke with the man who was held at gunpoint.

He says four men in a white car whipped into his driveway, three got out with guns and forced him to the ground.

"I was figuring they would shoot me when they had me on the ground," says Jerry Brock.

Brock had just gotten home around 10:45 Tuesday morning when he says 3 black men with guns got out of a white car and demanded money from him in his front yard.

"Looked like a cannon to me, pretty good sized handguns," says Brock.

Investigators say a neighbor's surveillance camera caught the white 4-door Mitsubishi Galant driving down FM 2021 near Honeycutt Road in Angelina County around the time of the attack.

"They was here only 2 to 3 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity just about," says Brock.

In that short time, the men demanded money, tried to get into Brock's house.

"When they couldn't open the door, stepped back and shot a hole in the door," says Brock.

They ended up shooting a side window, but they didn't get inside and left.

Captain Alton Linderman with the Angelina County Sheriffs Office calls it a crime of opportunity.

"Sometimes they surprise people when they're there. Don't think they were intentionally trying to find someone there, just a place to rob," says Capt. Linderman.

Capt. Linderman says the men also tried another house down the road, but the woman didn't answer the door.

"She made a wise decision, didn't open the door, dog started barking and kind of spooked them," says Capt. Linderman.

Although Brock isn't hurt, he's repairing his door, changing his locks, and keeping his gun close.

"They done this to me, can do it to anyone else this way. Somebody's going to get hurt," says Brock.

Brock says the men took off this way, toward Highway 69 and to Lufkin.

The sheriff says 4 men were questioned yesterday from Houston.

He believes they maybe involved, and there maybe 2 other men as well.

So far no one has been charged or arrested.

We mentioned the white Mitsubishi Galant, but investigators also believe the men could be driving a white Lincoln.

Call the Angelina County Sheriff's Office if you know anything about these crimes.


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