Man dies in weekend camper fire

DIANA/UPSHUR COUNTY (KYTX) - The Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief and Captain of the Diana Volunteer Fire Department are all related to Dewey Randle Hankins, The 56-year-old man who died in Saturday's camper fire. Hankins' nephew who is the Assistant Fire Chief says because this fire was close to home literally and emotionally, Sunday, the family removed what was left of the place his uncle called home.

  Assistant fire chief Justin Hankins says the fire started small inside his uncles camper,so to be safe the family called the fire department. Minutes later,  he says,  his uncle thought he had put the fire out.
 "When my grandma came back outside it wasn't out so they called them back to come back out here again."
But by the time firefighters got to the scene...
 "It flamed up and there was nothing they could do."
Just feet away, alone, in a camper right next to his mother's home. When the flames were finally put out...
 "He was there it looked like he was trying to get out they found him inside."
Hankins says he's seen many fires and deals with these kinds of tragedies often in his line of work.
 "You've seen it you've done it but it always hits another level when it hits close to home."
Assistant Fire Chief Hankins says Dewey 'Randle' Hankins' viewing will be tomorrow night from 6 to 8 at the grubs Lloyd funeral home in Diana. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 10 am at the First Baptist Church in Diana.


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