Man pulls gun on Angelina County Sheriff's Office dispatchers

A man pulls a gun on dispatchers inside the Angelina County sheriff's office.

Tonight he's in jail.

50-year-old Kester Havard is facing a single charge of making a terroristic threat, which is a felony.

"Anthony and Gillian it started about ten o'clock on Saturday night here in the lobby at the sheriff's department. Deputies say that was when Havard, who usually goes by Lynn walked in and pulled out that gun. Dispatchers behind this window never could figure out exactly what he wanted but they did know he meant business."

The lobby inside the Angelina County Sheriff's Department is pretty sterile with a phone and window to protect dispatchers.

Investigators say Havard showed up outside that window Saturday night and pulled out his gun.

"Come to find out it was a 44-calliber pistol," Bryan Holley said.

Lieutenant Bryan Holley has 21 years under his badge.

"I've been in law enforcement for a long time. And for something like this to happen," Holley said.

He says it was hard to believe that the threat was coming from inside these walls.

"Co-workers and stuff. I mean there's daily deals we have to contend with. But when it's right here and there, it's kind of a different deal," Holley said.

"There were also some other people here inside the lobby trying to file reports when Havard allegedly came in and pulled out that gun. So what they did was they came back outside and got down between some of the cars out here and while they were taking cover police from Hudson, Huntington and Lufkin were all headed back over here."

"And he began ranting and cursing and advising that somebody needed to do the job and that he was tired of the woman," Holley said.

Eventually, Holly says all those other officers convinced Havard to surrender peacefully without a shot.

We went to his auto shop, and his business partner didn't want to talk on camera.

But he told us something like that just doesn't match up with the man he knows.

And he wants to know what happened.

Holley says it never should have happened to begin with.

"That's not the way to handle it. There's so many options, like I say, to utilize, versus going from one extreme to another without having any provocation to do such," Holley said.

"Lieutenant Holley tells us one of the benefits of the sheriff's department having a pretty new building here in Angelina County is that there's plenty of security and there was never really any risk that Havard was going to do much damage or injure anybody, except of course for those people who were here filing reports and they did manage to get out safely before anything happened. And the other thing we want to let you know, they never did figure out what was going on. The Sheriff's department tells us they do not have any active cases with Havard and they're just not sure what he was angry about.

Havard's bond is set at $100,000.

His co-worker tells CBS-19 that a family member is looking for a lawyer and hoping to get that bond reduced.


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