Meals on Wheels brings flu shots to people who can't make it to the local pharmacy

(KYTX) - For the sick or elderly, getting the flu can become life threatening so two community 
organizations are stepping up to help. 

CBS 19's Courtney Friedman joins us from Walgreens at Troup and the Loop to tell us about Tyler's mobile flu unit.

There are so many disabled and elderly East Texans who can't actually make it here to the pharmacy to get that flu shot which they need to stay healthy throughout the season.

So Walgreens has partnered with meals on wheels to get those citizens service.

Kathleen Medeiros spends most of her time here in her house her arthritis makes it almost impossible to get out.

"I have bad back pain so if I work too long, like I cleaned the house yesterday and today I can't really do much of nothing cause it hurts," explains Medeiros.

She's only been a Meals on Wheels client for about 6 months, but she's already getting more than food from the organization.  

"The Meals on Wheels gave me a letter saying I could have a flu shot delivered which is good for me because - I don't have a car. My doctor says I'm not allowed to drive cause I have mini strokes."

She signed up for the mobile flu shot immediately.

"We will see 8 - 10 clients today and I think for the week we're trying to accommodate about 40," says Debbie Vea, Meals on Wheels Volunteer. 

Meals on Wheels volunteer Debbie Vea, and Walgreens Pharmacist Susan Anding let us ride along with them as they visited people like medeiros.

"I already had the flu and I had it for 3 weeks and I felt miserable. So yeah I want a flu shot!"

For the elderly, and people with health conditions like madeiros - getting the flu is very serious.

"For an average healthy adult, getting the flu may just kind of be annoying but a senior it can cause all the other complications like pneumonia, or other infections and it can even result in death."

So visits like this can be life saving.

"Its just like a God send. It's great."

If you or a family member is in this situation and you need a flu shot delivered to your home, there is still one day left of this program so make sure to get in touch with Meals on Wheels.

This program is mainly for Meals on Wheels clients, but if you're  homebound and need a flu shot, they will help you out!

If you have medicare, the shot is free -- and if you don't it comes out to about $30 dollars. 

Just call Meals on Wheels for help.


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