Memorial Day ceremony held in Gladewater remembers the fallen

Memorial Day ceremony held in Gladewater remembers the fallen

GLADEWATER (KYTX) - On memorial day,people all over america honor those men and women by reading names of the fallen, raising flags, observing a moment of silence or holding special ceremonies.

CBS     19's Katiera Winfrey was there as dozens showed up for a special memorial day event in Gladewater that continued the tradition.

The Gladwater Veterans Memorial served as the backdrop for the ceremony.

The names of hundreds are etched on the walls: A constant visual of the military workers who are no longer with us.

For the ceremony, a current soldier spoke to the audience and shared why he wouldn't want to be anything else besides a soldier.

If the flags, wall of names and the sound of a trumpet didn't paint a picture of why all these people are here, this soldier's story would certainly tell the tale.

"I'm not afraid to die for something that's big," said Spc. Jonathan Fontenot.

Fontenot is a soldier in the US Army

"It's not for the glory its for the responsibility and the duty of honoring our country and our people and protecting our family," he said.

After two tours in Afghanistan, Fotenot is one of the lucky ones who made it back home to raise his baby girl.

It's an ending many of the people etched on the wall didn't get, and that's what these people are here to remember.

"This is the least we can do," said John Tallent who helped organized the memorial day ceremony. He said he continues to be a part of events like this for one reason.

"Appreciate what these men and women have given for our country."

Spc. Fontenot said, as soldiers it would be impossible for some to go on without the continued support from the community.

"Knowing we have people back home to support us and believe in what we do, it gives us the strength to go on with what we do."

He said his duty is to protect this country and his family.

"My mother said, why do you need to go, there's guys already over there to do it."Even after serving twice overseas, he's ready to go back.

"I said mom, if every mother said that to their sons, there would be no soldiers."

Spc. Fontenot said, for him Memorial Day is more than just remembering the dead, it's about remembering what they died for.

It's been 13 years since the war on terror began, it was recently announced that the house could soon vote to end legislation that would call for an end to war by the end of this year. The vote could be made as early as Wednesday.


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