Meteor blast injures Russians

Meteor blast injures Russians

(KYTX) - At least 1,000 people recovering from injuries after a meteor blasts through skies in Russia.

The local hospital was filled with people wounded from shattered glass. Scientists say it was the size of a large bus and was traveling at least 33,000 miles per hour.

"It was probably some sort of iron with a little stone."

Dr. Tom Hooten is director of the Center for Earth and Space Science Education at Tyler Junior College. He says this was actually a smaller meteor, the type that comes without warning, like the one today.

"There are estimates that there are thousands of near Earth asteroids out there that can impact the Earth.

The meteor explosion stunned a Canadian hockey player now living in Russia.

"I heard this loud bang. I live in a 24 story building on the 23rd floor. All of a sudden, I look up and the lights are shaking, and I hear car alarms going off. It was incredible."

A huge day for the science world.

"This is awesome. To see something like that recorded on video is very rare. And, also very exciting from an astronomy perspective to see that. I'm sorry that there was some destruction."

Dr. Hooten says the meteor didn't actually touch down on Earth, but its shockwaves that entered the atmosphere are what caused the car alarms to go off and glass to shatter.

But, Dr. Hooten says we shouldn't live in fear of meteors.

"You don't need to be any more worried than you were any other day. This sort of thing happens. It's bound to happen again."

He says the next strike is just a matter of time, but meteors with such a large impact like this are incredibly rare.

The last time a meteor of this magnitude hit Earth's atmosphere was also in Russia in 1908. Dr. Hooten says Russia has the highest land mass of any other country, making it the most likely for a strike.


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