Microsoft scam hits East Texas

Microsoft Scam

TYLER (KYTX) - A new scam to tell you about involving the computer software corporation Microsoft. Computer experts say it's been causing East Texans plenty of headaches.

Leland Chandler says he received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft who told him they'd been receiving errors and warnings from his computer.

The supposed Microsoft rep wanted remote access to his computer to fix it. So, Chandler gave it to him. The rep then showed Chandler a list of errors.

The whole thing seemed so real. It wasn't until later, Chandler says, that he realized this was all just a scam.

"I thought, wow, that's kind of scary. I wanted to get all that off my computer because they said that could crash my computer. And, it's brand new."

Chandler says the man claiming to be from Microsoft told him he'd have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to get rid of all the "problems" on his computer.

"And then he says, well this is going to cost you $9.99. I said, well ok, that's not bad. That's pretty cheap for fixing my computer."

Only that's not what this supposed Microsoft rep had in mind at all.

"All of a sudden my computer screen goes black. It keeps popping up every now and then, like, you know, they're working on it. Well then, all of a sudden, I noticed they were in my Facebook page looking at my private messages."

That's when Chandler started to feel uneasy.

"That's not normal."

Computer expert Tom Baum says the first red flag in this scam starts at the very beginning.

"Microsoft would never just call you out of the blue. It doesn't make any sense. Microsoft is here to support their software, but you would have to initiate the action."

And he says there's no reason companies should log into your social media accounts to update your computer.

"We don't need to be going into Facebook."

Chandler says once he saw that, he immediately shut down his computer and took out the battery, then canceled all his credit and debit cards, avoiding a potentially costly situation.

Chandler says he called the "real Microsoft" right after and got confirmation that this was, in fact, a scam. Microsoft told him it would never solicit products to him. And actually, Microsoft 8.1 is free!


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