Mike Taliaferro finds Fit City Success through yoga

(KYTX) - After years of working out hard with weights and running.  An East Texas man made the decision to give yoga a try and the ancient discipline helped him find Fit City Success.

Mike Taliaferro was reluctant to say the least, at first, when a friend suggested yoga to him.

But he was having some joint issues, so he gave in and that choice made a huge difference in his life.

"I was shocked.  My ego was busted and I was the only man in there and I thought I can't fall out in front of all of these women," says Mike Taliaferro, a yoga student.

Mike Taliaferro may not look like your typical yogi, but he is now.  The intensity of his first class at the Yoga Spot in Tyler hit the spot.  He only lasted 15 minutes, but that made him a believer.

"So, I came back 2 days later and lasted about 30 minutes.  I obviously saw something that was happening here that I wasn't getting anywhere else," says Taliaferro.

Mike says the poses and the way you handle your body weight so much showed him how tight he was.  "I couldn't even touch my toes the first couple of weeks.  Two years later, I am now doing head stands," says Taliaferro.

Yoga also taught Mike how important breathing and balance are in exercise and in life.  "You work out a lot of stress in yoga and relieve a lot of tension.  We also have quiet time and hold a pose, where we just relax.  Where we don't have cell phones. We don't have noise.  It is just quiet.  I have carried that into my everyday life," says Taliaferro.

Mike's not only learned how to slow down a little bit, but he's also lost more than 40 pounds. "And I added about 2 hours of sleep to my night, not only did I get the benefits of exercise, but I also got additional sleep," says Taliaferro,

Yoga has made him stronger mentally and physically.  His 6'2" frame no longer aches the way it once did.

You may be surprised to learn that Mike says yoga has helped him in spin class and when he lifts weights at the gym.  He now has more endurance and he feels stronger.


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