Mineola students, community team up against texting and driving

An East Texas high school and the community are teaming up to make their students and roads safer.

Nationwide - 11 students are killed every day because of phone related car accident.

After hearing about those statistics--students at Mineola High School have started pledging not to text behind the wheel.

From a thumb band - to a thumb print - to a signature... Mineola students are making a new promise - because too many of them admit to texting behind the wheel.

"98-percent, if not 100," Florentino Elias said.

Junior Florentino Elias is signing his pledge not to text - because he realizes he's not invincible.

"We always hear the statistic one out of so many, they're like I'm not going to be that one and then what happens when you are that one that one time, then everything changes. We always do it so we're used to it so when we're driving," Linlee Palmer said.

Senior Linlee Palmer has also signed the pledge - after admitting to some near-misses while texting behind the wheel.

"I've ran off the road a few times, just into a ditch. You're not looking at the road, and it's hard to multitask while you're driving, especially when you're driving a killing machine."

Recent studies from A-T&T's "it can wait" text campaign show teens who text while driving spend about 10-percent of their time driving outside their lane. Numbers also show more than 100-thousand crashes every year involve drivers who are texting.

"We see them before they've even left our campus are already on their phones texting and driving, and our biggest point was to say this is an epidemic and we need to stop it," Alex Epps said.

That's why Mineola High School's community in schools directors are leading the no texting campaign.

"Even with our kids that don't drive, we wanted to encourage them to encourage whoever they're riding with or their parents to not do it," Samantha Harvey said.

Because we all spend time on the road - and if we remind each other of texting dangers - our roads can be a little safer.

Mineola High School students aren't the only ones pledging not to text adn drive. Teachers and faculty are also pledging to change their habits - and the school encourages anyone in the community to swing by the high school and join their mission.

What other ways can parents encourage their teen drivers not to text behind the wheel?

The first step is be a good role model - practice what you preach.

There are also free anti-texting and driving mobile apps for android and blackberry, as well as drive cams - which monitor a driver's activity and sends real-time feedback with video.

Another reason teens say they text behind the wheel - statistics show they expect to send or a receive reply to texts within five minutes.



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