Miracle Child: Faith Wilson inspiring through diabetes

TYLER (KYTX) - As many as 25 needle sticks a day. It sounds like too much for any 2- year old girl to endure, but it's a matter of life and death for Faith Wilson of Van.   It takes that, and a special friend, to keep this year's Miracle Child's blood sugar in check.

Faith Wilson doesn't go anywhere without Ruby. Ruby's part of the family, but she's not Faith's pet.

"Oh my goodness, I can't even put into words peace of mind for me," says Sarah Wilson, Faith's mom.

Ruby's trained to alert when Faith's blood sugar is too high or too low.

" I used to have panic attacks into the night. I would just run into her crib and hold my breath watching for her to breathe," says Sarah.

Sarah Wilson's fears started when Faith was rushed to the hospital at 9 months old struggling to breathe.

What they thought was swine flu, turned out to be diabetes.

"Later that evening after crazy miracles, one of the nurses just grabbed a vial that was setting there and caught a tiny thimble of urine," says Sarah

Faith's body was shutting down from diabetic ketoacidosis.

"Her glucose was in the thousands and her ketones were above 150," says Sarah.

Faith was given her first of many life-saving doses of insulin at Mother Frances Hospital.

"From there, we learned how to keep her alive. It was a whole new education," says Sarah.

Each hospital stay made easier by a child life specialist funded by the Children's Miracle Network.  "It's like home away from home. Faith does not mind going there at all because it's such a positive experience," says Sarah.

When Faith's at home, every bite of food, every sip she takes is measured.  "Then you have to figure in what her blood sugar is, how she's trending that day, what her activity level is," says Sarah.

Now Faith is on a pump, which makes life easier. Still, there are struggles.  "She doesn't have any symptoms for me to pick up upon, which is where Ruby comes into play for us because she can communicate to me what Faith can't," says Sarah.

During the hour we spent with Faith, Ruby alerted on Faith 4 times. "Not only is she saving Faith's life on a daily basis, she's saving Faith's life when Ruby won't even be here," says Sarah.

Through all the struggles, sleepless nights and scares, it is Faith from which Sarah draws her faith.  "I hope they are inspired by her strength and how God has worked in our lives," says Sarah.

Sarah tell us Faith is back in the hospital at Mother Frances with some diabetes complications.

It's a reminder of how important the Children's Miracle Network Celebration is for the families that benefit from your generous dollars.  The CMN Celebration gets underway Saturday at 7 PM and goes until 10.  It picks back up at 9 Sunday morning and goes through 4 that afternoon right here on CBS 19.




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