Mobile home fire investigation

Mobile home fire investigation

HENDERSON COUNTY (KYTX) - A family is getting help from the Red Cross tonight after their home burned Wednesday.

And three firefighters are recovering from heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation.

One even had to go to the hospital.

The Henderson County Fire Marshall is investigating what caused this house fire Wednesday afternoon, but will not say whether or not it was intentionally set.

He did say however, the fire started inside the home.

Neighbors are just happy they were able to help fight the flames, and get the family out safely.

"Took a breath and I coughed and it was black, knew it was time to go," says Laura Sumerall.

Sumerall is a volunteer firefighter for North 19.

She was taken to the hospital after working to put out the flames, that were shooting nearly 20 feet in the air at this house.

"My greatest fear is to not be able to breathe because of asthma," says Sumerall.

She was treated for smoke inhalation and released, thankfully now she's doing well.

But the home has heavy damage.

Neighbors Daisy and Jack Allbritton came to help as soon as they heard about the fire.

"My brother was over here with a water hose, of all things, trying to slow it down, trying to keep it from spreading," says Jack Allbritton.

The fire moved quickly destroying the mobile home and forcing a woman to get her 3 kids out fast.

"Came out low and high, odd to me," says Allbritton.

"A fire in a structure basically doubles in size every 3 minutes," says North 19 Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bob Morris.

He says he's glad the neighbors helped, but says it's vital to call for help as quickly as possible.

"Our group did a wonderful job keeping heat off surrounding structures," says Morris.

And those who helped are glad the family is safe, even though they know it's a tough road ahead starting over.

"When something like this happens to someone so close to you, it hurts, hurts real bad," says Allbritton.

The fire marshall says he interviewed everyone at the scene yesterday to ensure he had a broad picture of what happened during the time of the fire.

The North 19 fire department calls the house a total loss, the family lost pretty much everything.

Two other firefighters were treated for dehydration at the scene, one from the North 19 and the other from Southside.

The fire marshal will not confirm or deny if a juvenile is being investigated in the case.


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