More Americans ditching landlines

More Americans ditching landlines

 DALLAS (CBS) - More American homeowners are "cutting the cord"- getting rid of their old telephones, and going only with cell phones.  

So-called "landlines" are slowly becoming a thing of the past. According to a National Health interview survey of 21,000 homes, 4 out of every 10 homes use only cell phones.  That's twice as many as five years ago.

Brad Miller is part of the trend. 

"This is where it was." 

 His house was built in the 50s and even has a phone nook built in. But, he got rid of his home phone service three years ago.  

"Not only did we not use our landline at our home, we didn't even know what the phone number was." 

 48% of households have both cell phones and landlines. The study also found that the people most likely to ditch the landline and just have a cell phone are young adults who have roommates and rent their home.  

Many people keep their landlines in case of an emergency, and cell phone service is cut-off. Miller isn't worried about that.

 "My unscientific guess is that the cell phone towers will be working at least 99% of the time." 

Miller says the best thing about ditching his landline is no more unwanted calls from telemarketers

While the number of households cutting off landlines is going up, the trend appears to be slowing down. Researchers say that could be because some landlines come with internet and cable tv packages.


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