More cold weather means problems for pipes

TYLER (KYTX) - We're in for another freeze next week and those plummeting temperatures mean problems with pipes and heaters.

We spoke to C. Woods today and they're bogged down with calls about frozen pipes, and some that have busted because of the hard freeze.

Plumbers say the biggest problem is the faucet outside.

That's why you have to be careful about how you care for them when the temperatures drop.

Albert Quarles has the right idea for keeping his water running in the frigid cold.

"That's a habit during the winter time to get ready for the ice and all of that. We keep it all winterized, as they say," says Quarles.

Quarles says even with an older house, he knows to keep the heat up and the pipes wrapped to avoid any problems where pipes swell and burst.

Causing serious problems in the house, and costing you money.

"With it being an old house, we had to replace the pipes with some plastic, but behind the wall, is metal pipes," says Quarles.

"We have probably 50 calls on the books. The main thing we tell people, don't apply any heat to what you see might be frozen. And we just have to wait until it kind of thaws out," George Burton, owner of C. Woods.

Burton says his crews have been busy checking pipes and heaters.

"If it's a rubber pipe, it's probably going to burst. Or if it's PVC pipe it's probably going to burst. And even if it's copper, if it's non-exposed, it's probably going to burst," says Burton.

The biggest problems, exterior faucets, pipes under houses that are exposed, and pipes in attics.

"Have the foam covers and you can just wrap it with insulation and tape it and it'll be ok, if it stays unexposed it's going to burst. Especially when it gets to be 15 degrees," says Burton.

And while plumbers wait for lines to thaw, electricians are working hard to keep people warm.

"Keep on doing what we've been doing and keep on praying for some warmer weather," says Quarles.

Some other things to check inside the house: make sure any pipes under the sink facing an exterior wall are wrapped as well to keep them safe.

Burton says plumbers have to wait until the pipes thaw to determine if they burst while frozen or not.

That means there could be more pipe problems later.

We're told some people's home heating systems are having problems too because the units can't keep up with the demand when people crank up the thermostat.




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