More objects spotted by satellite in Flight 370 hunt

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CNN) -- Another satellite has captured images of objects floating in the southern Indian Ocean.

But it will be at least Friday before planes can try to find the materials -- rough weather in the remote spot is once again hindering search efforts.

The images from a Thai satellite show about 300 objects ranging in size from 6 feet (2 meters) to 50 feet (15 meters). When photographed Monday, they were about 125 miles (201 kilometers) away from the spot where a French satellite captured a floating group of objects Sunday.

The find comes after news that a French satellite had seen 122 objects in the same region, and it follows earlier sightings by U.S., Chinese and another French satellite.

Search crews have yet to put eyes on, much less recover, any of the objects, and experts warned Thursday against putting too much stock in what the images show.

Stephen Wood, a former CIA analyst and satellite imagery expert, said the satellites could be seeing something as simple as whitecaps, which he said can look deceptively like solid objects.

And CNN aviation analyst Jeff Wise said that while the latest find is "very enticing," the number and size of the objects make him question whether they could be from the plane.

"If you see something floating that's 60 feet across, that could be a big chunk of fuselage," he said. "But if you have 10 pieces that are 60 feet across, that would indicate that they're not from the plane because the plane has only so much stuff in it."

Flight 370 vanished on March 8 with 239 people aboard. Investigators believe the Beijing-bound airliner eventually flew south for hours before going down into a remote patch of southern Indian Ocean.


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